Welcome to Huddersfield! This large market town, situated in the historic county of West Yorkshire, is well known for its major role in the industrial revolution and holds the spot as the 11th largest town in UK.

Huddersfield offers a wide range of attractions and so whether it’s a rainy day or not, this Victorian town is sure to keep you occupied!

With the plenty of things to do around our hotel, it is a great choice and inexpensive choice of accommodation for your stay in Huddersfield.

The Standedge Tunnel

The Standedge Tunnel is an exclusive spot in the middle of the Pennine countryside. This 5,000 metre tunnel, 25 minutes from Metro Inns, is the longest and deepest tunnel in Britain and is one of The Seven Wonders of the Waterways. Visitors have the opportunity to explore this 18th century tunnel on a fascinating guided boat trip through the tunnel, providing a fun and educational day out for all. There is a cafe located at the tunnel mouth where you can grab a bite to eat after a long day of exploration!

Colne Valley Museum

Colne Valley Museum transports you back into the 18th century with spinning and weaving exhibitions and live clog-making demonstrations.This museum, just 18 minutes from Metro Inns, is run by volunteers and so admission is free, however donations are much appreciated. Take a step back in time and explore Colne Valley Museum’s period living room and wash room where you can imagine what life must have been like in the 1850’s.

The Live Escape

The Live Escape in Huddersfield is a live adventure game set in a real life environment. Located just 10 minutes from Metro Inns, this real world prison breakout gives you the experience of being in maximum security prison where you have 60 minutes to escape! With tricky puzzles and well hidden clues, how long will it take you to break free?

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